Baseline At 60


To coincide with the 60th issue of the British design magazine, Baseline, the University for the Creative Arts (UCA), Maidstone and the international typographics magazine Baseline is mounting of a new exhibition. In the last 17 years Baseline has employed 20 students and graduates from UCA Maidstone’s Graphic Design: Visual Communication and Illustration courses.

Baseline’s editor and art director, Hans Reichert, said: “The relationship with UCA Maidstone has been hugely beneficial. We have worked with some incredibly talented and skilled people over the years and their contribution to the editorial design and layout of the magazine has been invaluable. During their stay at Baseline the students experienced first hand contact with our high profile contributors such a Arnold Schwartzman RDI OBE, Alan Fletcher RDI AGI, Adrian Frutiger AGI, Ken Garland, David Gentleman RDI AGI, Ivan Chermayeff AGI, David Carson AGI, Neville Brody, and Sir Terence Conran. We wanted to celebrate this collaboration by putting on an exhibition of the work that has been created over the years.”

Baseline/UCA, students and graduates: 17 year collaboration, will take place in the George Rodger Gallery at UCA Maidstone from 10 October to 4 November. It will be free of charge and open to the public.

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3 thoughts on “Baseline At 60

  1. John

    Great display. UCA students and graduates aligning with the Baseline grid. With this exhibition Baseline firmly establishes it’s continued importance of collaboration with UCA.  

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