Constructive Criticism on Demand

Behind every great designer there is a great critic. Well, that may not be exactly true—but there’s no doubt that getting informed, thoughtful feedback is essential to producing quality work and growing as a designer. Unfortunately, this kind of constructive criticism is not always easy to come by. Which is why HOW Design University—the online education program run by Print‘s sister publication, HOW—has launched Design Critique Services. It’s an opportunity for designers to purchase one-on-one consultations with industry veterans, and receive detailed, specific advice about either a single work-in-progress (for $99.99) or an entire portfolio (for $199.99). Learn more about Design Critique Services here.

3 thoughts on “Constructive Criticism on Demand

  1. Paper Acrobat

    Constructive criticism is necessary but never welcome from my point of view. Most clients just say “sorry it’s not what I wanted”!
    Not sure I would pay for a critique when my clients do it so well for free!