Creepy Portrait: Blondi the Brand

Hitler and Dog

This is one of the strangest photos of Adolf Hitler and his German Shepherd dog Blondi I’ve ever seen. The self-satisfied Nazi leader is a indelible brand from the hair to mustache to dog. And yet the body language appears to suggest discomfort in front of the apparatus over which he was most in control — the camera.


5 thoughts on “Creepy Portrait: Blondi the Brand

  1. Michael Rosenthal

    If you’re familiar with canine body language, Blondi shows more fear of Hitler than affection. See the Blondi and Hitler stills and movie footage on youtube. The dog avoids Hitler’s eyes, often checking off-screen for a more sympathetic human. When Hitler beckons her to be petted, she cringes and goes into a submissive crouch. She relates better to Eva Braun.
    I used to think wow, even his dog knew. But now I just see any bully who thinks a dog can be commanded into affection.