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Since Kosovo is in the news for the current renewed border conflicts with its Serbian neighbors, it is useful to know that the country is more than a hot-spot for violence. It has a thriving design community with a robust design magazine, Kosovo 2.0 (and website). Here’s what the editors say:

Kosovo 2.0 pulses with voices unfettered and unafraid. Interactive blogs, articles and multimedia bring the untold stories and views of your world and their world.

The handsomely designed (by Vanlennep, a Dutch studio) and smartly edited (by Besa Luci), magazine is published entirely in English. Content includes profiles of multidisciplinary designers as well as design-as-socio-political issue, including “Top 10 of Frustration,” a list of complications driving Kosovars lives; “Made in Kosovo,” supermarket products in the Kosovo stores; “Passports to Nowhere,” the difficulties in navigating the Kosovar travel bureaucracy; and “A Perfect Bride,” a dramatic photo essay on “what it’s like to be decorated as a bride from Lubinje” (more on this in another post).

For years most of the news on Western media presents Kosovo as a wild place besieged by warring factions. Kosovo 2.0 is proof that this is indeed a modern design center.

[L’Oreal’s ban on Friday Nightly Heller and The Cube on Saturday Daily Heller.]

Kosovo 2.0

Kosovo 2.0

Kosovo 2.0

Kosovo 2.0

5 thoughts on “Design Kosovo

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  2. Enos

    —although, like others, I might pehpras have differing opinions about your examples. Your article does raise an ongoing frustration and disappointment however.As someone old enough to have done his training and gained by far the most of his experience in the pre-internet days of print design I would ask why web designers appear to insist on almost perpetually re-inventing the wheel.Yes the technology behind (now-not-so) new media is very different and as such imposes its limitations and offers its own opportunities. Yes, the means of delivery is very different and as such . . . etc. etc. However all of that notwithstanding the basic principles of good design and good typography remain unchanged. Please, (and I address this to all web-designers, not just you Jason) don’t keep on trying to re-invent that which has been developed-tried-and-tested for decades. Have a good look at what designers were doing pre-internet, learn, and adapt.

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  5. Valon Sopi

    Was very priviledged to see this magazine prior to going to print. The design itself inherits its smarts from the well designed website & takes them to whole another level. A strict grid that allows well planned typographic rebellions, is what make the page flipping a careful experience. Great work by Bardhi!