Dude Looks Like A Lady

Recently in Holland there appeared a series of ads designed by Doom&Dickson for a HEMA’s push-up bra, using this tagline:

A push-up bra that gives you 2 cup sizes extra. Modeled by Andrej Pejic. A man. So imagine what it can do for a woman.

Andrej Pejic, male model from Bosnia, is from my neck of the woods and is also known as “the prettiest boy in the world.” In the fashion industry, where a small percentage of female models succeed, Andrej is widely accepted as one of the top super-models by fashion and mainstream media (See covers below).

When you find out he is a man, does he becomes less beautiful? If so, does that challenge your thinking about beauty?

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6 thoughts on “Dude Looks Like A Lady

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  2. Michael

    Definitely a beautiful person regardless of gender. However, seeing Andrej appearing so fragile on the bottom cover here only serves to further expose the sickness that represents bodily beauty in the fashion industry. This is a frail, unhealthy person whether male or female; and I think the shock of seeing this represented in masculinity only makes it all the more striking.