Emulsion Si, Digital No!

Marcia Lippman
The Center for Alternative Photography focuses on the preservation of emulsion-based photography through the education and promotion of alternative photographic processes. Marcia Lippman is a master of the form. She has been shooting invisible light for 35 years.

She uses her camera to locate herself in faraway places, often quite off the map, shooting mostly the beauty she has been drawn to through the romance of history or literature, mythology or religion. Through this construct she lyrically and timelessly explores the world of the sacred, the missing mother, the inner child, longing, loss, and fragmentation. Her images are dark and evocative, captured mostly in the shadowy, uncertain light of dusk. The work is about the journey rather than the destination, as she allows herself to be silently drawn by the stronger pull of obsessions, ideas and places which she loves or is deeply curious about. Marcia hand prints her own black and white images, which may be toned or painted, or even gilded, making each one essentially unique. ‘Round and round in circles we go, but the secret sits in the Middle, and knows.’

She will be speaking about her stunningly mysterious images at “The Secret Sits in the Middle – Marcia Lippman,” a lecture – FREE and open to the public on October 18. 36 East 30th Street, New York.

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One thought on “Emulsion Si, Digital No!

  1. Desmond Cadogan

    Marcia Lipmann is one of the most sensitive and beautiful photographers I have ever experienced.  Her subject matter and sense of light and contrast is extraordinary.  I thouroughly enjoyed her presentation.  It has stuck with me even 24 hours later.  It could have gone on forever and I would have continued to love it.  I wanted more more more of her beautiful images and brilliant commentary full of brilliant quotes from some of the best thinkers known to man.  If you ever have the opportunity to share time like this with Marcia Lipmann I suggest you do it. She is truly wonderful and inspirational.