Enough Already!!!

As Donald Trump’s face pops up on the evening news again and again (as though he paid for the time), it occurs to me that we can credibly question whether Trump was actually born.

Let me explain . . .

Despite the birth certificate from The Jamaica Hospital (above), which is typographically questionable, there is speculation that Donald John Trump just might have been “birthed” by a mad product designer, who combined the brain of a narcissist, hair of a baboon, tail of a newt and wit of Idi Amin into a Golem whose only reasons for existence, in addition to shameless self-aggrandizement, is dedicated to being the most annoying thing on the planet— outstripping the ten plagues of Egypt and the Aflac Duck.

The Trump logo that appears on many of his architectural wonders is enough evidence to prove that the so-called birth certificate (above) was produced by the same “designer,” after hours at Kinkos. And the more official one (below) is possibly a forgery, although I can’t swear to it.

(Certificates can be found here.)

13 thoughts on “Enough Already!!!

  1. Steven Heller

    Has any other American president been asked to show his birth certificate after being elected to the highest office in the land. 
    In order to VOTE in the U.S. you have to produce a birth certificate. 
    As Far as I know, President Obama has been allowed to VOTE since he came of age. 
    I appreciate the comments. But . . . 

  2. jimincoto

    I wholeheartedly agree with the comments of Sharlee and second the comment by Hal . . . well expressed! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Why are my friends on the left so opposed to a presidential candidate being required to produce proof of birth? Seems like a no-brainer to me. I had to provide an ORIGINAL birth certificate every year before my son could play soccer, and the most powerful leader of the free world doesn’t? 

  3. Aaron Kenedi

    Sharlee and Hal, if I might: First of all, Imprint is a property of Print magazine, not HOW. And while we are sister publications, I would very much like to give (and get) credit where credit is due.

    Second, while I’m certain that Steve does not need me to defend him, I would like to go on record and say—once and for all—that The Daily Heller is Steve Heller’s forum to discuss what he wants. Ninety-eight percent of the time his pieces relate directly to design and/or visual culture. If a very small percentage of the time he muses on items outside the obvious design parameters, that is HIS right, and moreover, what he has been asked to do by the editors at Print. After decades in the middle of the art and design community he has certainly earned that privilege (and if you look hard enough, often his non-design posts have some visual relevance). If you don’t like what Steve has to say, that is YOUR right and you can ignore it, or embrace it, or write up a comment about it. Just please write that comment with a full understanding of the forum. 

    Thirdly, if you were able to produce a design writer from the right as intelligent, insightful, and prolific as Steve, I would gladly invite him or her to contribute to Imprint. So far I have not met that person but hold out hope they exist.

    Fourth, thanks for reading.

  4. Sharlee

    To whom it may concern,
    HOW does your article have anything to do with the design community? Aren’t we all tired of the back & forth crap? The only thing that I can see having anything to do with HOW magazine is; it’s pretty obvious that Donald Trump has given and heavily supported the art and design community a heck of a lot more than Barack Obama? Hummm. . . let’s ponder that thought shall we?
    The topic is about a specific document that should have been given and recorded prior to the “swearing in office” of any of our Presidents. Shouldn’t every American want EVERY AMERICAN to follow by the same rules? Who is actually complicating this fact? Mr Trump or Mr Obama? It is vital and part of our law system that you must be born in the USA to be President of the USA. That said, why wasn’t the document just simply given to the proper person to file in the Presidents records? Also, why pick on Donald Trump, because whether you like him or not, he has the balls to push for something that is supposed to and should be an automatic process. Successfully, he finally got Obama to hand it over didn’t he. What is wrong with that? Why did it take President Obama so long to deal with this ridiculous scenario he created?
    Now, can we PLEASE get back to art, designers, and great design in HOW. Also, can your magazine not favor just ONE side if the coin? Not every creative person is the same. Isn’t that what makes artists, the creative process, and design so unique?
    Creatively yours,

  5. felix sockwell

    is jamaica part of the united states? sounds african.
    seriously, didn’t trump promise stephanopolis on air that
    if obama produced his long form he would release his tax return?
    antie up trump!

  6. David Bastille

    Birth certificates creep me out. There, I said it; now I have to think about why that is. Maybe it’s that Old English title font with all of the flourishes, for openers. What’s the deal with that?

  7. LPeters

    Now this hits the nail on the head, timely and entertaining. Glad I’m not the only one with a lack of affection towards the effervescent Mr. Trump.