Featured RDA Winner: 100 Reasons to Panic by Knock Knock

Planning for life’s special moments, like a wedding, are never stressful, right? Ask any bride or groom, and they’ll likely scoff. This ironic (yet perfectly natural) juxtaposition of emotions was the impetus for these tongue-in-cheek books by Knock Knock. The team behind this Regional Design Annual winning project took a minute to tell us more, including how finding the right illustrator was essential to letting the humor run wild.

The "100 Reasons to Panic" team, with the exception of illustrator, Gemma Correll. Top row, from left to right: Jamie Thompson Stern, editor-at-large and Erin Conley, managing editor. Bottom Row: Mia Natsume, design director and Rebecca Braverman, assistant editor.

The “100 Reasons to Panic” team, with the exception of illustrator, Gemma Correll. Top row, from left: Jamie Thompson Stern, editor-at-large, and Erin Conley, managing editor. Bottom Row from left: Mia Natsume, design director, and Rebecca Braverman, assistant editor.

Describe the design details of this project: 
After reading the manuscript, our design director Mia Natsume thought of Gemma Correll, an illustrator she’d been following for some time. She turned out to be a great fit for the content.

What was your favorite aspect of this project?
Giving Gemma Correll copy options to illustrate, and being surprised and delighted by her interpretation and execution. Her illustrations added another layer of humor to the text.

Who was the target audience? 
People secretly freaking out on the inside about a life event they’re supposed to be celebrating.

What was your objective? Was it achieved?
Our objective was to create a charming, universally appealing, yet honest antidote to flowery congratulations cards and gifts. Yes [it was achieved]—based on market response, we’re thrilled with the results and we’ve now extended the series to include “100 Reasons to Panic about Getting Old” and “100 Reasons to Panic about Being a Cat Lady.”

What’s something unexpected that happened with this project?
Ironically, the artist was actually planning for her own wedding while we were producing “100 Reasons to Panic about Getting Married.” She completed the last illustration the day before her wedding!

DESIGN FIRM Knock Knock (Venice, CA) CREATIVE DIRECTOR/ART DIRECTOR/DESIGNER Mia Natsume ILLUSTRATOR Gemma Correll WRITERS Erin Conley, Jamie Thompson Stern, Rebecca Braverman CLIENT Knock Knock