Frank Lego Wright, Architect

Lego has long lead the way in plastic brick products. The expandability of the products are brilliant. The numerous themes and tie-ins are endless. My faves are “City,” a collection of urban professionals going about their business (like you and me), and “fishing Boat,” a high tech plastic sea faring craft (fish excluded). Now Lego has released its new progressive architecture line, including the Guggenheim Musuem and Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright, Farnsworth House by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Burj Khalifa in Dubai developed by Emaar Properties.

For those who never made it through the rigors of architecture school, now there’s an opportunity. For those who love plastic blocks, now there’s more than a castle to build. The only problem with Falling Water, however, is the roof leaks. And watch out not to build Burj Khalifa too high, it has a tendency to lean and fall down.

5 thoughts on “Frank Lego Wright, Architect

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  2. Robert Petrick

    Steven – as always, I enjoyed your column and continue to look forward to it each morning. I must offer a mild admonition however, because of today’s headline, clever as it is. To read a reference to FLW while seeing a picture of Farnsworth House is to experience any one of a number of undesirable outcomes, e.g. “FLW designed the Farnsworth House!” or worse, “Is it possible that the unimpeachable Steven Heller got this wrong?”. Maybe it’s the legacy magazine art director in me, but we can’t always count on people reading the article to get the message – often times it’s the duet of headline and photo that have to say it all (or provoke you to read on). (Full disclosure: Farnsworth House is my client so I’m especially protective of Mies and his oeuvre.)
    Anyway, keep the hits coming – we love the Daily Heller.