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Maybe not familiar to all ages and interest groups, but the band FUGAZI was hugely influential to me as I grew up in the 1980s and 90s. FUGAZI is a band from Washington DC. Their lead singer, Ian MacKaye was the frontman for the hardcore band Minor Threat, and his philosophy towards life, politics and running his business (dischord records) have inspired a generation of music lovers and perhaps our current wave of DIY/ entrepreneurial activists.

Now, after over 1000 all-ages, exhausting shows, FUGAZI is making their massive archive available to the public. And, no library of rock shows would be complete without some awesome band posters, backstage passes and tickets. Some of my faves below:


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  1. Jude Stewart

    Shout-out from a fellow Imprint contributor. Great post – I was a HUGE Fugazi fan in my high school years and attended many a live show, not to mention taking joyful jabs to the ribs in the mosh pit. Fugazi is a model of incorruptible art that nevertheless hit a (relative) mainstream. We will hopefully see their like again and again.