Getting Stoned

Architects should get stoned more often – well at least work more with inscriptions than the do these days. Sure, there are entire buildings that are covered with decals or painted letters. But let’s go back to those days when stone carvers produced significant lettering for buildings. Here is a jumble of items from my eye candy file of architectural inscriptions.

3 thoughts on “Getting Stoned

  1. Bryant Turnage

    One of the problems with that seems to me that most of these in the past were created to display the name of the company that financed the building, usually a major corporation for whom it was their headquarters. But except for specific instances with the largest companies, no one builds and owns a building anymore. Everyone just rents space in spec office buildings. Even many government agencies do that as regular practice. Plus, many just don’t want to pay for the kind of labor involved, especially for hand-crafted signage. It would be nice to see more details of this nature in American architecture again, but it sadly seems to be another victim of the times.

  2. Penny Rose

    It breaks my heart to see the buildings in Detroit, which must have been so grand and majestic in their time, in so much disrepair and in jeopardy of being torn down!

  3. Raymond

    Indeed!  All too common are the modern buildings with plain tan facades, or full glass exteriors.  This makes for a more and more drab environment.  On my way to and from Detroit on the weekends I will pass by buildings built in the 20s – 50s that still show their Art Deco style exteriors. Or our tall buildings these have beautiful exteriors often all carved stone of molded cement.  You feel a sense of intimidation and admiration in the spaces you pass by.  Unlike Detroit, Chicago’s new buildings being erected provide nothing more then sheer size and a lack of style.  It is like the investor sacrificed all form of artistic value for just the raw form and intention.    
    Please bring this artistic style back from the ashes!