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A few posts ago, I bragged about being able to visit foreign lands without a camera. But when my girlfriend and I decided to zip over to West Africa for our very short American vacation, I knew I wouldn’t have time to sit and draw in the intense heat. I broke down and brought my trusty Canon Elph that I can slip into my front pocket.

Lucky for us, Ghana is one of the most amazing countries in the world. The people we met were warmer and more caring than any family you’ve ever had, the landscape was heroic and ancient and, to top it off, there was high-volume music blaring everywhere!

While I’d love to brag even more about the opportunity to visit such a distant land on a shoestring budget and with only two tiny JanSports, I’ll save that for some other blog. What I want to share is a bit of unique typography.

Nearly every vehicle was emblazoned with a yellow (and sometimes, though rarely white) word or phrase, cut out of vinyl in the most unique letter forms. I tried to capture as many as I could, and still felt like I couldn’t get enough. I’d love to hear if anyone has any more information about this tradition or the process. I was consistently delighted. Enjoy.

August Heffner, Imprint: Print Magazine's Design Blog, Typography

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