Girls in the Band

“I chose the trombone because the trombone players in the marching band always got to be up front with the majorettes (because of the slides) and I loved that.” – Quincy Jones.

I’ve always wanted to make a feature documentary film called “Girls in the Band” about majorettes in bands across America. I was once a parade-o-holic, with particular interest in baton twirling. The synchronicity of marching and gesturing grabbed my eye and held it.  I’ll probably never make the film, but here are a few classic American twirlerettes.

Watch a real march here.

3 thoughts on “Girls in the Band

  1. Jody


    I’m not at home, or I could send you my favorite majorette pictures to add to your collection: pictures of my mom, who twirled carefully engineered, rhinestone-spangled batons crafted by my grandfather. She marched with the Glendale Police Boy’s Band and the Hoover High School Band before joining the UCLA Bruin band and performing at half time shows.

    Funny, I grew up looking at majorettes as being dorky, but maybe they just didn’t project my mother’s era of twirling, no-nonsense cool.

    If you would like to see her photos, friend me on Facebook and you’ll get to meet the woman known to many on the UCLA campus as “Legs” Seidel, class of 1942.

    Love The Daily Heller,

    Jody Edwards Kenney

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