Give Me an A (or an M)

It is Commencement time. And time to say farewell to those chenille varsity letters that served as entre to those all-night beer parties and made the co-eds swoon. I won a letter once. A big “M” for McBurney. It didn’t make my life any better. It was for wrestling and the icon on the letter looked ape-like and demeaning (of apes). Yet in honor of this time of the year, here is an assortment of all-American letters – the most all-American typefaces there are.

2 thoughts on “Give Me an A (or an M)

  1. John Baeder

    I attended my 55th class reunion last weekend in Atlanta, GA.
    Henry Grady High. Red and gray, appropriate colors
    of the period, and they didn’t know it. The adventure
    was a blurry film: Roger Corman mixed with Freddy
    Fellini, titled: EL RAH RAH BIZZARO. 

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