Hair Suite

Great toupees are made not born. And great toupee wearers are born with recessive genes.

The word “toupee” comes from the French word for “top.” Toupees have a long history because of the general bias against balding in most civilizations, which had its foundations as early as 3,100 B.C. The earliest examples of toupees were found in the pyramids of ancient Egypt. Julius Caesar is known to have worn toupees. The toupee became popular in the United States beginning in the 1800s. Sears Roebuck sold toupees in its mail-order catalog in 1900. In the 1950s, great advancements were made in making toupees that looked natural. Max Factor, a leading cosmetic manufacturer, made toupees using hair woven into almost invisible, flesh-colored lace. Manufacturers started advertising their special toupee brands in the 1950s.” – eHow.

You can always spot one – good or bad. Among the famous toupee wearers are (or were) William Shatner (see website devoted to same), Frank Sinatra (here), Pernell Roberts (Adam Cartwright in Bonanza), Burt Reynolds, Howard Cosell and Donald Trump.

(Sunday Daily Heller: Earn a degree and never take off your PJs.)

One thought on “Hair Suite

  1. Bobbi

    This is the oddest, yet coolest blog entry yet. It was a mixed bag because at first, being a female, I was drawn in by the mention of hair… then the beautiful Captain Kirk appeared, and I’m a closet Trekkie (old school original, not the new one). And then, the ridiculousness of the subject just kept my attention. We have a guy in our office that embraces the comb-over, which is almost as good as a man wig. Kudos for staying silly, Steven.