How Germans Got Physical

In 1908 Dora Menzler founded a school in Leipzig, Germany, for training gymnastics teachers. Her company moved from Leipzig to Hellerau (my home town, not). Her 1924 book “Physical Training of Women In Pictures and Words” with a cover by Ludwig Hohlwein is mate to another physical culture book covered by Hohlwein (see here).

Germany was was very active in the early 20th century physical culture thrust that had taken root in many industrialized countries. Hohlwein was long associated with the organic foods and fitness movements.

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  1. Chaz DeSimone

    Perfect timing on this post. I went to your “sister book” link about nudism, and posted a very timely comment, as my neighbor exposed his tiny little pea brain mind yesterday by telling me I shouldn’t lie on the beach naked – his family was coming down after church. I happen to enjoy nudism for all the same reasons in the book you posted in your link. Thank you for giving me ammunition for this “church-going” neighbor. First thing I told him, the beach is MY church, and it’s a hell of a lot closer to God than his.