Italian Icons, Known and Unknown

Angelini Design, which produces Italian Ways, is a wellspring of icons that are key to the cultural and commercial heritage of Italy.

The site routinely publishes joyful collections of ephemera, like the fruit labels with animal illustrations printed on tissue paper (below), a convention that continues to this day.

IW_veline-agrumi-animali_091 IW_veline-agrumi-animali_071There are themes like “fast cars and fashion” in the Vetrina section (below) of “Grand Hotel” a 40s, 50s, 60s era pulp picture magazine, which also used romantic/dramatic realistic though painterly illustrations. Just the right vehicle for the perfect outfit.


Very sportivo, red and powder blue with grey stone steps. Industrial design is well covered with artifacts like the “O 304” table fan (below) from 1953 produced by  Italian mechanics company “Ercole Marelli.” So coooooool.


And there are the requisite beautiful vintage travel posters, when getting there was really half the fun. These soothingly colored images (below) tell the story of leisurely summer holidays in Italy, which promised stress-free paradises all along the coasts.

Check out the full collections of these and much more at Italian Ways.

IW_PosterVintage20_50_5 IW_PosterVintage20_50_8

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