It's Cute, But Not That Cute

The 2012 Fiat 500 is cute, but doesn’t hold a spark to the 500s of old. The new Fiat is compact, like a Mini and rotund like a VW, but the original doesn’t compare to the stubby little Fiat L.

Take this Fiat Cinquecento, for instance, it was imported from Italia – so small it could almost fit in the overhead luggage compartment. 40 years old (its a 1971) and still in tip top working order. Currently retrofitted as the business car/card for L’Arte del Gelato (logo designed by Louise Fili). It is also only slightly larger than the gelato sidewalk wagon. While not the most comfortable ride on Manhattan streets, it draws attention to itself and the product – and a fair share of smiles too.

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3 thoughts on “It's Cute, But Not That Cute

  1. J Hull

    I completely agree.
    Whether cute or sexy, there is a tantilizing tightness and contrast of curves, angles and flats to those cars that are being rebirthed. One that I’m afraid the manufacturers are consistently missing the mark. Some come closer than others. From the VW thru the mustang to the fiat and even to the porshe carrera, it’s contrast that is missing. It appears that aerodynmaics may have become so dominant as to smooth/flatten design like a stream does a strone. Too bad. So much more satisfying to run your hand from flat to curve.

  2. Bruce Mayer

    Those don’t look like OEM wheels – the stance is too wide. Look like alloy – I wonder if the engine has been breathed upon by Carlo Abarth? Vroooom!