Ludwig Hohlwein’s Fun In The Sun

“Man and Sunlight” is English title of Hans Surén’s book “Der Mensch und die Sonne”, published in 1924; one of many celebrating the German obsession with physical purity and hygiene, nude gymnastics and sun bathing. Surén advocated that men (and women as their mates) dedicate their lives to physical development. Nude gymnastics, he asserted, strengthens male morality and manly self control.

menschLudwig Hohlwein painted the cover to represent the ideal German physique. Hohlwein’s posters and illustrations defined physical ideals later adopted by the Nazis (he was an early member of the party), which employed his talents as its leading visual propagandist. The combination of the perfect physical form and the perfect idealist was a fitting testament.  His imagery was so persuasive it triggered a trend in sun worship. His signature was so iconic that he only needed a few lines to convey his name.

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One thought on “Ludwig Hohlwein’s Fun In The Sun

  1. Chaz DeSimone

    First, I’ll tell you my password (leaving out the numbers) and my license plate: TANUDIST

    I wish I had this book, to throw in my neighbor’s face yesterday after he got all bent out of shape (showing up at the beach in his Sunday best straight from church) because I was tanning naked on my little lakefront beach (shared with several neighbors) and he wanted his family to come down. “It’s not right. It’s against the law. What if children are around?” My answers? “If God had meant us to go naked we would have been born that way. This happens to be MY church.” “I don’t care about legal and illegal. It’s what’s right or wrong.” “Children would probably not be concerned at all…until their parents and society tells them to turn out just like you.” So I’m putting together a few brochures to help explain what and what about nudism. For one thing, it’s not radioactive, it’s not a monster, nudism’s not a disease, I’m not a child molester, and try it you’ll like it (as if his pea brain can allow that).

    Thanks for this enlightening post. I’d like to find a copy of this book in English.