The Lustigs on Fifth Avenue

The exceptional Lustigs exhibition that originated at the College of Visual Arts Gallery in Saint Paul, Minnesota, “The Lustigs: A Cover Story,” is now at the AIGA National Headquarters in New York City (at 164 Fifth Avenue). The 500 covers—paperback and hardcover books, magazines, and catalogs—by Alvin Lustig, who died in 1955, and Elaine Lustig Cohen, who carried on her husband’s practice and quickly became an equally accomplished designer, will be on view from today until February 15, 2013. A reception and conversation between me and Elaine will be scheduled for January. Don’t miss it.

Photographs by John DuFresne

2 thoughts on “The Lustigs on Fifth Avenue

  1. C-Seal

    I am a beginning graphic design and was so inspired by this exhibition in St. Paul that I still have the event poster in my cubicle. For a couple of class projects, we were to pick a graphic designer, preferably living, to use as an inspiration. I picked Elaine Lustig Cohen and it has been a complete delight learning more about her and Alvin’s extensive body of work.