New Gothic Typeface Be Damned

Michael Doret (of Alphabet Soup in L.A.), one of my favorite lettering artists and typeface designers, has been working on a new font that he says is in the spirit of black letter, “but I think it has a lot of other references going on as well.” He told me that he doesn’t usually dredge up typographic samples from the past and clean them up for contemporary use “and this new face, Dark Angel, is no exception.” Although, I see a little flicker of Lucian Bernhard and the Sachplakat in it.

2-DA_HeaderIt started out as a sketch for a logo for the California Angels (now the Anaheim Angels) done in a blackletter-ish style. “Over the years, I kept going back to that sketch,” he explains, “and thinking of how I cold turn it into a useful font.” Last year he decided devote his time to its development. “I’m very pleased with the result. I think it’s very different from any other blackletter or gothic script style fonts. I’ve tried to make it seem familiar, yet totally new.”

4-SpecialDark Angel is a perfect face for the emo and goth among you, but with its historical underpinning it also suggests more contemporary uses. I show it here, in part, because I am truly a fan of Doret’s nuanced renderings. The sample settings are sculptural letterforms, a pleasure to the eye, whether or not you are a Satanist or work in a scriptorium.

More can be learned at Doret’s own blog here.

1-DA_Header 5-DieYoung 7-Plain_Fancy 12-AbandonAdditional Resource: Typography for the People

typography_for_the_people_coverThe eBook Typography for the People is full of directional and hand-rendered examples of signage from around the world.

3 thoughts on “New Gothic Typeface Be Damned

  1. jimincoto

    Minor correction, Steven; it’s the “Los Angeles Angels at Anaheim,” not “Anaheim Angels.” The owner, Arte Moreno, caused bit of a ripple when he attached the “LA” part to the team. Folks down here in The OC don’t like to think of ourselves as being nothing more than an extension of “that city up North.“