Hold the Miracle

Miracle Whip

Calling Michael Pollan. It’s not Cool Whip, right!?

Debate question: So when did Miracle Whip become cool and hip? When it changed to the squiggly whiplash typography? Or replaced the beige food color with white and blue? Or is it the tasty preservatives?

It’s a miracle that people eat the goop inside. Hold the Miracle! Debate over.

Miracle Whip

2 thoughts on “Hold the Miracle

  1. Oscar

    Despite its best efforts, Miracle Whip is quite the opposite of cool and hip. I think the new-ish design is more appetizing. But the larger campaign is downright cringe-worthy. I wonder if the people behind the work are embarrassed of it when the client is not around.

  2. Mindy A

    That new combined of M and W is interesting and it has a “goopy” style. I can see how that is read either way you put it on the counter… top or bottom. So I think that’s brilliant! I wonder if this new design is already in food stores yet? I’ll have to check that out the next time I go down that aisle!