More Minis

First there was the Mini Cooper, now the new mini Fiat 500 and here, though not in the same league, is the Scenic Accents mini accessories for scale model trains. I bought a few different sets this weekend, just to have around the house in case I needed them for playtime.  The detailing is not as fine as my mini-sushi, but that may be the qualitative difference between Japanese and Chinese craftsmanship (Scenic Accents are made in China). Here are a few of my favorite sets (the one at the bottom is called “‘bums’ in the park” and one with the raccoons is called “Pesky Raccons.”)

Sermon at a Funeral

Pesky Raccoons

Depot Workers

Hanging Out the Wash

Chain Gang

At the Newsstand

"Bums" in the Park

8 thoughts on “More Minis

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  2. Sue nee Tourkin nicknamed Susie Sukkot

    Shalom Mr. Steven Heller! Your name / passion for miniatures / was told to me at the Jerusalem Contra Dance Club by Josh Goodman, musician. He told me so after I told him that I design & build miniature Model Sukkot [”tabernacles”] for competition / exhibition here in Jerusalem–into my 3rd yr. at it! My models are built out of good materials–wood, glass, bronze, ceramics, jewelry, etc. = not junk! As you are a prof. designer, writer, promoter, etc. I’d like to ask you to interview me for your Daily Newspaper. If you’ll send me your email I can forward material to you in English and close-up color photos. You will be favorably impressed with my works, I hope. Sue nee Tourkin a.k.a. nickname “Susie Sukkot”
    Todah rabbah rabbah = Thank You Very Much. Please don’t publ. my email in your newsletter!
    Not needing to remind you that there was a different kind of [larger sized] Model Sukkot contest in NYC last Fall 2010 which got a lot of internat’l. attention including here in Israel of course!

  3. Larry Launstein Jr

    I’m building an HO scale model train layout in the basement (as a hobby), and I like many of the figures that are being shown here.
    Model trains are one of the greatest creative outlets going, and even for graphic designers.

  4. sara reynolds

    Am enjoying your posts. Have you seen the Thorne Miniature Rooms at The Art Institute of Chicago? They take compulsive craftsmanship on a miniature scale to an unprecedented level. Why is it so enthralling? Love the animated aspect of these.