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The anti-print-is-dead movement still keeps chugging along. The nicest irony is VINTAGE MAGAZINE (the title says it all), now in its third issue. If you hanker magazines as objects – like the defunct NEST or the quite vibrant ESOPUS, you’ll truly enjoy this love-child of Fleur’s FLAIR and PORTFOLIO magazines. In the current issue to illustrate a wonderful story on the evolution of the Swiss Army Knife, is a paper pop-up of the multipurpose instrument. To frame a classic photo of Sgt. Bilko, the poster child for an article on vintage “Service Comedies,” is a diecut of an old Philco or Emerson TV console.

The typography is not exactly the most elegant, and at times it is sloppy, but the overall look, feel and read of VINTAGE, will tickle anyone with a passion for the past and a soft spot for punk nostalgia. The editor is Ivy Baer Sherman, Designer is Regis Scott and you can read more about VINTAGE here.

Above: Cover with diecut for eye glasses and inside cover with illustration by Lyn Traverse.

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swiss army knife

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