Papier Typer

Jerome Corgier is graphic designer from Paris who spends considerable time cutting and pasting three dimensional letters. The craft and artistry is both ambitious and enviable.  On a recent visit to New York Corgier shared some insights into his process. His website is well worth a look too.

What prompted you to start making type from paper?
I began using paper, because I’m becoming more and more a sculptor and working with materials (not only paper). The paper is very easy to manipulate (to cut, to fold, using different colors). This for me a real emotion.

How long does a letter – say the Q – take for you to complete?
It depends if it is a personal project or a professional one. If its professional, 1 to 2 days; if it is personal research, much more because thinking about it takes a long time – one to two months, sometimes much more. When I know exactly what I want to do, I can do it very quickly.

What determines what style typeface you will make?
Aie Aie Aie, very difficult question. The most precise answer is “the experience.” I’m testing, testing, and when I feel its the good way, then I do. When sculpting type, I use my graphic-education in another way than usually, and I don’t use it as a graphic designer. It’s not only rational (serif or without serif, which type, contrast), it’s visual sensation.

This is hard work. Any disasters ever occur?
Haha! Yes it can happen! The worse is when you realize, when its done, that colors are wrong. Others disasters – destroyed paper, tea spots – offer me a new way to work.

3 thoughts on “Papier Typer

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  2. Mickey Lozano

    This is my first comment on anythinng regarding your fabulous newsletter (Mate, I have to tell you that I know what time it is everythime yours get in the mailbox). This one is one of my favorites. Please keep on. I  was a fan of Print since my university years. I will look forward for your next one. Since I’m a Graphic Designer lover of Type Design your some kind of guidence on what look for. Thanks for sharing!
    A Mexican in Spain…
    Mickey (The Mouse) Lozano

  3. Mimi

    Oh how I loved these paper letters!  I wanted to share them, alas…my experience with the artist’s website was difficult.  While it was beautiful and clever…and no my difficulty was not with the french language…it was very very slow to navigate and load (on a super hi-speed corporate conenction).  I gave up.  Breaks my heart, but is always so mind boggling to me…so many gorgeous sites are just either incredibly difficult to use due to their “creative navigation” or due to excessivly complex coding and slow load. Quel Dommage!