Pick’em and Stick’em

I love decals. Decal is the short version of decalomania, but it derives from the French, where all the great words come from.

1860–65;  < French décalcomanie,  equivalent to décalc-  (representing décalquer  to transfer a tracing of, equivalent to dé- de- + calquer  to trace) + -o- -o- + -manie -mania

Meyrcord Truck Decals were (and are) among the industry’s largest decal companies. They are still around selling many of decals, from Hello Kitty to “vintage stickers.”



But this catalog is right up the designers’ alley. They show how in the postwar boom every empty space was ripe and ready for coverage.


Decals006 Decals007 Decals008 Decals010 Decals012 Decals011 Decals009 Decals013 Decals014

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