Pigheaded Demopublicans

Both U.S. political parties are playing politics with food aid. And Oxfam America is angry. Their recent advertising campaign, created by Hill Holliday, USA, “Tell Washington to Stop Playing with Food Aid,” takes a non-partisan/non-gender stance against the stubborn donkeys and elephants who fill the pockets of special interest groups when they should be “helping to feed millions of starving people.”

Moodily photographed, the campaign features brilliantly costumed antagonists dancing at “a party for Republicans and Democrats.” Apart from the beautiful craft, the striking message is stomach-turning.

For more information on Food Aid visit Oxfam America here. And see the eerily comic video “Food Games.”

Advertising Agency: Hill Holliday, USA; Chief Creative Officer: Lance Jensen; Creative Director: Rob Rich; Art Director: Rafael Segri; Copywriter: Ben Huser; Photographer: Timothy Saccenti.

7 thoughts on “Pigheaded Demopublicans

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  2. Zafarrano Wolffe

    I’m sure everything said on the osfam.america website and other, related media is valid, but I’d be more supportive if the writers had included verifyable documentation of the referenced red tape. To wit: the “question authority” phrase works both ways.