Raise Your Free Hand

Raise your free hand if you still use Macromedia’s FreeHand. There was a time when lots of illustrators and designers relied on this vector program. Then it went the way of old Las Vegas neon. The lights are flickering.

Adobe, who bought out Macromedia is still selling the program but has no plans to support or upgrade it.

So apparently, a band of “loyalists,” according to designer Mike Diehl, have undertaken a campaign to to save the program. It will either be like preserving Coke Classic or saving the 8-track.

“I support the effort (with modest monetary donations, in addition to enthusiastic emails),” Diehl says, “primarily because I love a well designed application. I believe software development flourishes only when there is competition.”

The so-called “insurgents” working to preserve the program have enlisted lawyers, and recently a judge determined a suit was worthy. More info here.”

One thought on “Raise Your Free Hand

  1. Howie Green

    I still use Freehand as my first choice and only open Illustrator when forced to use it by clients who don’t know any better. It was a superior program from day one but Adobe forced Illustrator down our throats and now we’re all stuck with it. Much like Word Perfect was a far superior program to MS Word but… whatta gonna do?