Rare Rand Rarity

There are very few print artifacts designed by Paul Rand that are still unknown, at least to scholars and collectors of Rand’s work. But here is one that I knew nothing about until stumbling across it in the drawer of a rare bookseller a few weeks ago. Created in 1960 for the AIGA 50 Books show, this cover revisits Rand’s sketchy renderings for Direction magazine, where he experimented with montage, collage, drawing and hand lettering. Direction informed many of his later book covers and jackets, and obviously this book theme is no exception.

6 thoughts on “Rare Rand Rarity

  1. melissa little

    Thanks for posting. I am a huge fan of Paul Rand’s work and philosophy. He said that design was solving a problem, that they was only one real solution. His use of repetition, symbolism and negative space is something sorely needed today.

  2. Kenneth Jones

    Steve, great find !  I love stumbling in the drawers of rare booksellers, but I don’t think you stumbled here–but rather, focused.  This “5” is a particularly powerful mark. The componentry within it–the comma, bracket and arrowhead,(an okina annotating a stop)– embue it with the quality of a sign.  When I think of “fifty”, I think of being in the thick of the journey, not necessarily seeing the end, but sensing its deep connection to the beginning.