Sealed With A Kiss

Bryan Hyland sang the anguished “Sealed With A Kiss” in 1962. It was a heatbreaker of a song, but a boon to the United States Postal Service. Today the USPS is having anguished financial woes. Nonetheless, while letters may be slower and messier, they are still more satisfying to receive (and even to mail).

Mailing business correspondence may be on its last legs, but these Trans-O-pake samples from the golden age of envelopes, when safeguarding “your best interests” was a high priority, shows the sensuality and sanctity of the letter.

2 thoughts on “Sealed With A Kiss

  1. J. J. Sedelmaier

    Wonderfully tasty piece ! I’ve kept a stash of vintage stamps to use (as long as they’re uncancelled they remain usable) when mailing a letter that needs to say “this is a special note”. An envelope filled with 1 – 5 cent stamps garners an incredible response, while looking like an explosion of confetti – even the hand cancelling that’s required adds a graphic touch !