Seeing Things


How many of you spend the better part of your idle time looking at plush bathmats (or carpets)? I spend a lot and find a lot of hidden treasures. No, not missing diamond studs, shards of gold or other precious and semi-precious valuables. Rather I find images. I see faces of people (some that I know), animals and even the occasional article of clothing and furniture. Can you?

Here is one of my favorite mats. See how many images you can find in sixty seconds.

2 thoughts on “Seeing Things

  1. Mindy A

    Funny you bought that up. The other day, I was looking down at one of the floor tiles and noticed a shape of a bird. I thought to myself…”why do I keep noticing what looks like a shape of a bird in bathrooms?” 

  2. Rev

    I find these types of images in all types of things, like bathroom tiles while sitting on the bowl, plaster ceiling above my bed, deck in the sidewalk etc. Visual thinkers will often find visuals everywhere.