Separated At Birth: Ooops!

Perhaps the logo designer for the Bolt Bus lines had no idea that in 1935 the British Union of Fascists and National Socialists, led by Sir Oswald Mosley, adopted the lightning bolt in red, white and blue as its emblem. The white bolt set on a blue disk edged in white positioned in the center of a red field looks eerily like the bus company’s version – even the incline of the bolt is similar. The Fascist bolt was used until party was dissolved in 1940, but made a second coming after the war as the symbol of another of Mosley’s political parties. That’s embarrassing.

5 thoughts on “Separated At Birth: Ooops!

  1. Gerry L'Orange

    The original lightning bolt is so much better! Both short lines are horizontal, the apexes are equidistant to the circle, and the blue is punchier. Maybe the Bolt Bus logo designer was copying and maybe he thought, If I make the copy less good than the original, it’s not really copying.
    One specific lightning bolt strikes regularly in Quebecers’ lives: the one that’s a component of Hydro-Québec’s logo. At you can see H-Q’s Q on their HQ.

  2. steve urry

    I recently designed a monogram logo with the letters SPS and had the two S’s the same colour, until all I could then see was SS and its conotations the client only “saw” it once it was pointed out.

  3. Paper Acrobat

    Oh dear that’s very unfortunate. This has actually happened to me. I designed a logo and another designer created an almost identical one. We did not copy, we just came up with a similar idea. It’s almost impossible to check whats already been produced.