Silent Night in Quadraphonic

Its beginning to sound a lot like Christmas. And you are probably one of the reasons why. Walk by any store, restaurant or hotel lobby and the songs of the season are wafting from the PA. You can’t help but sing, whistle or hum the tunes. There’s a lot to choose from. Virtually every recording artist (and last year Bob Dylan joined the ranks) have issued Christmas songs or Christmas albums. So to help celebrate the season, here are some of mine. And don’t forget, with a little flip of the keyboard, Pandora: Internet Radio will fill your digital stocking up with an endless melody of yuletide tunes.

(Visit Daily Heller on Christmas morning for a post on Abbey Road)

2 thoughts on “Silent Night in Quadraphonic

  1. cynthia lee cooper

    The best Christmas gift ever “Born Modern”.  Thank you so much for this tribute to Alvin Lustig.  For years I have admired Lustig’s design – – ever since I came upon some like pencil drawings on tracing paper at an estate sale in Palm Springs.  Since then I have scratched the pavement looking for more information regarding Lustig’s short life and career.  
    The book is fabulous!  The pages are thick, and the photographs appear as photographs rather than printed paper.  Beautiful.