Soldiers' Stories

The Constitution Center in Philadelphia, Pa., announces the opening of Art of the American Soldier on September 24. The exhibit presents paintings and drawings of battles, as well as extraordinary and everyday experiences that were created by American soldiers in the field and behind the lines. The watercolors, oils and drawings span World War I to the Afghan War.

This exhibit, which can be seen online here, provides uncensored personal accounts by those who  lived through war and its aftermath; they reveal the anxieties and fears of the artist soldiers.

Credits from top to bottom: Elzie Golden, 2005 (Fallujah); Joseph Hirsch, 1944 (Italy); David Fairrington, 1960-69 (Vietnam); Peter G. Varisano, 1991 (Saudi Arabia); Rhonda Chase, 2000-2009 (Kuwait).

2 thoughts on “Soldiers' Stories

  1. Joann Sondy (wife of Vietnam Veteran)

    Thank you for highlighting this exhibit.

    Historically, images from the AP or major media are fed to the public… we rarely get a soldier’s perspective. Here in Chicago, the National Veterans Art Museum ( has an incredible collection of works from veterans (including my husband’s images c/o Dominic Sondy). Also, the First Division Museum at Cantigy (aka the Big Red One) is a valuable resource of images and documents.

    Help support the Constitution Center, NVAM and other exhibits to these stories can be told for future generations.

  2. Nick Ladas

    Steven thanks for the issue today. I really enjoyed the work of the artists and would like to see the exhibit in person but unfortunately I’ll have to settle for small images on the computer!

    thanks again