SPY Magazine Online

The internet and I were a little too young for SPY magazine. But neither I, nor the internet, can shake the fact that it has influenced us both… a lot. (For the record I’m not sure I’m comfortable being compared to the internet).

Recently, Google has started scanning SPY Magazine as part of its Google Books project. Kurt Andersen, Spy’s co-founding editor, tweeted, “Google’s digitized every issue of Spy magazine. Half up now, the rest soon. (The internet has justified itself).”

If you don’t know SPY, you should. It’s founding editors, Anderson and Graydon Carter, shaped an incredible voice and asked Drentell Doyle Partners (now Doyle Partners) to give it form. From there Alexander Isley and B.W. Honeycutt continued the design. In doing so, they created a visual and editorial style that can be seen all over the newsstands today (see New York Magazine’s approval matrix for example).

The 1980s and 90s style is beginning to age quite well and, thanks to google, will surely influence a new generation of typographers and publication designers. More on SPY here and here.