Stop the Presses: More Ignorance and Stupidity in the World

This just in from The Jerusalem Post and the UK’s Daily Mail:

ISTANBUL – A Turkish shampoo commercial featuring an enraged Adolf Hitler is a “huge insult to human rights” and should be withdrawn, leaders of the country’s Jewish community said on Monday.

The 13-second television spot for Biomen shampoo shows black-and-white archival footage of the Nazi leader at a political rally. Dubbed in Turkish, he shouts that men should not use women’s shampoo.

“Using Hitler, whose brutal ideology caused the deaths of millions of people, in a commercial in order to be different or create awareness (of a product) is unacceptable,” said a statement posted on Istanbul’s chief rabbinate’s website.

See the Commercial here.

Protest from the American Anti-Defamation League came fast and furious: “The use of images of the violently anti-Semitic dictator who was responsible for the mass murder of 6 million Jews and millions of others in the Holocaust to sell shampoo is a disgusting and deplorable marketing ploy,” said ADL national director Abraham Foxman.

One commenter on You Tube notes: “They should have called it: ‘Mein Shampf.'”


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2 thoughts on “Stop the Presses: More Ignorance and Stupidity in the World

  1. Chuck

    This reminds me of when Charles Rocket dropped the f bomb on SNL just to do it. His career didn’t take off after that stunt. This is just another stupid ad idea someone came up with done in extremely bad taste. I don’t think this will boost anyone’s career either.