Take Me to the Nearest Clip Joint

I am a closet paper clip collector. I keep my desk (and closet) stocked with a smorgasbord of all kinds (except plastic) from England, Germany, France, Italy, the USA and Japan (where the best are made). But I don’t go advertising my “hobby.” Some things, like paper clip collecting, are best kept to oneself (especially if that person collects animal paper clips — below). So, I was super surprised when David Cohen, a vintage paper dealer with a booth at the 25th Street Flea Market (between 6th and 7th Avenues) in New York, sent me a small, sealed antique envelope with a handful of the most unusual paper clips I’d ever seen. They are elegant in their simplicity, but dare I say it, they don’t clip paper very well. In any case, some products don’t live up to their functional promise but succeed at other things — this is a case in point.

2 thoughts on “Take Me to the Nearest Clip Joint

  1. Paula Rewa

    Huh. Apparently I’ve been completely saturated by 9/11 imagery, because to me those look like commemorative ribbons made from scrap metal, and the seal looks like the twin towers. Why the towers have faces and look like they’re heading to a fancy party is beyond me, though.