Take the Axe to Tax

As they say, the only thing that’s sure in life is death and taxes. There is no use complaining about the former, but the latter is a continual irritant. (Unless, you want public services and other civic necessities.) Citizens have been avoiding taxation, even with representation, as long as there have been taxes. Of course, those who save enough in taxes to hire clever accountants can rid themselves of most tax burdens, but that just means a heavier weight for the rest of us.

The rich have stayed rich in large part because they don’t carry their rightful baggage. This was true back in the day as much as today. Here are pages from a 1938 issue of the satiric magazine, Ballyhoo (The Daily Show of its era), published by Dell, which devoted much of its heavily taxed ink and paper to attacking FDR’s New Deal for attempting to tax everyone, including the rich. Things never change.

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5 thoughts on “Take the Axe to Tax

  1. Richard

    It’s nice to see a mutually respectful exchange between two people (Steven Heller & David Smith) of common passion, yet different political view. If only our government could do this and stop playing the divisive games. 

  2. Steven Heller Post author

    With due respect. I appreciate that you register your dissent. However, as you say, this is my blog. It includes a wide spectrum of coverage, and always from my lens and viewpoint. I am well aware that not all designers lean left. I do. Yet I don’t impose any of my beliefs on anyone. I don’t tell you to believe as I do. I don’t make laws to constrict freedoms. But given that I provide good content to my readers, courtesy dictates, not that you agree, but that you tolerate.
    That said, toleration does not mean ignoring what upsets or offends you. The “comment field” is designed to speak your mind about ANY and ALL the issues I raise. I accept you don’t want my “personal opinions on politics.” But by definition a blog or column is comprised of personal opinions. Politics is part of my portfolio.

  3. David Smith

    I have really enjoyed your articles for some time now. Thanks for posting your interesting takes and observations. But I feel I must point out something about your article today.
    I think its great to highlight graphic design currently and historically that is politically charged. This informs us from your expertise. On the other hand, I don’t want your personal opinions on politics.
    A quote from today’s article:
    “The rich have stayed rich in large part because they don’t carry their rightful baggage. This was true back in the day as much as today.” 
    That is an amazing display of personal opinion that has absolutely nothing to do with design. This is your blog, and you are free to say whatever you want. I don’t know if F+W Media and How Magazine necessarily want to endorse your political views. It is certainly not why I have continued to enjoy your articles.
    I’m not interested in getting into a debate about politics, I just wanted you to be aware that not everyone in the arts leans left. Truly, there are millions of americans that are thinking, caring and sensitve people that don’t lean left. Just sayin.
    David Smith