Test Your Visual Acuity on Christmas Eve

Here’s a little multiple choice quiz for you to take while waiting for Christmas day to arrive. Here are four photographs. Can you discern and describe the content or message of each one? Write in as a comment and the winner will receive a free gift. (Family and extended family members are not prohibited from voting, unless you are the “you know who you are” who will remain nameless — if selected as the winner, however, he or she will receive no free gift whatsoever.

1. a. A logo for a solar power company. b. A frame from a kaleidoscopic image. c. The inside of the Pantheon dome.

2. a. A painting by Wayne Thiebaud. b. A school of Dover Sole in the North Atlantic. b. A photograph of seagulls from below a skylight

3. Enhanced radar visualization of Hurricane Sandy. b. A pocket image from an iPhone 5G. c. A conceptual art piece titled “Down the Drain.”

4. A cool looking goat rubbing its head while stuck between bars. b. One of Santa’s reindeer after a bath. c. A sheep in goat’s clothing.

5. a. A very convincing Halloween costume. b. A distant relative of the writer of this blog. c. Petronella the Roman orangutan.

Answers will be given on Christmas Day.

4 thoughts on “Test Your Visual Acuity on Christmas Eve

  1. azabache

    2-b (the second “b”, the seagulls one)
    4-a (Ah, the old goat stuck in the bars ploy. I’be been stuck in bars once or twice myself.)
    5-c (this may be a trick question, it could also be “b”, if we go primate)

  2. al

    Image 1 looks like a series of ehternet ports, arranged in a circular pattern much like life, going in circles, awaiting connection to the light that is the world wide web

    Image 2 looking through the windows at the birds having a mixer

    Image 3 the last thing an alien sees while spiraling downward before hitting the ground

    Image 4 a goat trying to sayhello