The Best Packaging in Town

The best food packaging (in the total brand sense) I’ve seen anywhere is from Marks + Spencer Ltd, the UK department store, whose food court on Grafton Street in Dublin, Ireland, rivals (and surpasses) any “supermarket” I’ve seen before (yes, including Whole Foods). Whilst here on the Emerald Isle, I spent an hour scanning the store for its well designed fare.

Funnily, it was like being in a great bookstore. Every aisle had something to catch the eye. From the “mod” licorice bags (very psychedelic) to the homespun yet totally contemporary boxes of teas. In between was a panoply of Modern, Retro and Postmodern pastiche – a virtual design history class in a food market.

For your illumination I present a few Marks + Spencer Ltd. treats below.

5 thoughts on “The Best Packaging in Town

  1. L

    As a designer working in the M&S packaging team, it’s great to hear such positive feedback on our designs. Thank you.
    James, sorry to hear you didn’t get much help, you probably got through to the wrong people. We are very proud of out commitment to the Plan A policy & I’m sure someone will be pleased to help if you contact either the Design team or the Plan A team at M&S’s head office in Paddington, good luck.

  2. James

    I am currently studying graphic design at Bath University, my dissertation is on sustainable packaging design and i know M&S are a leading source for such a thing. Iv been trying to gather photographic research on the brands and packages they supply and produce to bind a photo reseach book. I have been rejected entrance to the store to do such a thing even having phoned the branch up. If their so positive in their packaging ethos what have they got to hide thats so important apart from brand identity. Waitrose where very helpfull towards my needs. non biased. 😉

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  4. richard seabrooke

    The wild thing about M&S is the packaging never stays the same long, even on the same ranges. It’s brilliant, as a packaging designer myself, to see where they go in style, substrate, innovation, finish, just about everything, as you can be sure they’ll be doing before anyone else. Very hard not to buy stuff just to admire it, the Sanna Annukka Christmas biscuit tins are to die for.

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