The Big Bad Bully Idea

Advertising comes in two flavors—creative and uncreative. Not all advertising looks like George Lois did it. Some looks like Donald Trump did it. No nuance, but plenty of attitude. During the Great Depression of the 1930s, so-called “shirt-sleeve advertising” was guaranteed to attract customers’ eyes—or else. This is a booklet on how to use the heavy-handed shirt-sleeve approach with impunity and joy. Take a look, and think of how big, bad, and bully it was.

[Visit yesterday’s Nightly Daily Heller for new about the great Warhol Banana scandal.]

One thought on “The Big Bad Bully Idea

  1. Bar Code

    Been in a newspaper sales staff meeting lately? You haven’t seen heavy-handed until you get your corporate sales directives! It looks like corporate borrowed directly from your Big Bad Bully campaign, then gave it a spiked collar, slapped it around as a kid and gave it a knife to play with.