The Great Red Sells Golden Brew

Diego Rivera, the great muralist and outspoken Communist, allowed his work to be commissioned by Nelson Rockefeller and advertised by a golden cerveza. Whoever said ideology prevents free thought? Or free trade?

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5 thoughts on “The Great Red Sells Golden Brew

  1. Howie Green

    Yea.. but before the Rockefeller Center commission was even completed Mr. Rockefeller had it destroyed and after that his considerable money and efforts went into supporting abstract art. Not sure what Rockefeller thought he was going to get for his money but he sure was not happy with the results.

  2. Steven Heller Post author

    I have seen the mural at the Palace of Art. It is more impressive than I could have imagined. Rockefeller’s note to Rivera about the mural was on display last year at MoMA.

  3. Marisol

    Well, that’s half the story. Rivera painted a mural comissioned by Rockefeller himself. After Rivera included Lenin’s face in it, Rockefeller got the whole thing first covered and then destroyed. Rivera then came back to Mexico City and painted that same mural in the Palace of Beauty Arts, where it still stands today.

  4. Fer Servadu

    This is the first I’ve heard of Rivera accepting payment from Nelson Rockefeller (or from a brewery) for a commission. Regardless, as far as I’m aware there is nothing in communist ideology that disallows, or even frowns upon, being paid for one’s labor. Even communists have to make a living – that is, after all, the starting point for communist ideology.