The Humanity

Israeli poster artist Yossi Lemel recently issued an impassioned commentary on the Syrian government massacre of rebels and civilians. This just in on the Syrian Uprising Facebook page:

At least 50 martyrs today – including 7 kids and 2 women killed in the shelling of Rastan, 6 youths executed in Baba Amru and 13 workers slaughtered by the regime’s militiamen in Hama countryside. The Red Cross seems to have given up ever being allowed into Baba Amru and is distributing aid among displaced people in the countryside outside the city. Hundreds more refugees have been fleeing the regime’s attack on Qusayr into Lebanon. The situation in Idlib and Hama is also very bad.

8 thoughts on “The Humanity

  1. dorine

    sorry, but i think this image is very low in all meaningsa good design is a metaphore, this is not an intellegant imageit’s not even shocking it’s just bad image..not a creative solution to become a good poster.

  2. Greg

    I give it an A for the creative idea to use scaling features to suggest perspective, C for getting the perspective lines wrong. And A+ for honesty in the sterile use of graphic replication to amplify the propaganda against the Assad regime. This helps us classify it as propaganda, and recognize that it does its job as much by obscuring Truth as in heigtening the emotional impact of selected facts. 

  3. Susan

    Thank you, Steven. Yossi Lemel’s poster is potent and unforgettable – reminscent of Nicholas Troxler’s “Dear Trees” and “Cecil Taylor Solo” posters.