The Key to a Good Book

You’ll never experience the tactile rush of holding Aletta Schreuders’s My Grandfather’s Key on a Kindle, a Nook, or an iPad. There’s nothing terribly wrong with that, unless you have a hankering for holding and feeling a pristine little volume and appreciating its lovely cover (designed by Piet Schreuders). So for those of you who will not have the same experience I am having right now, touching the real thing, I offer this virtual cover, so lovingly designed and elegantly reproduced.


One thought on “The Key to a Good Book

  1. Paper Acrobat

    Call me old fashioned but I still love the feel and smell of a printed book. Don’t get me wrong, I use an iPhone and Mac to read blogs, news etc – but I still love to flick through a real book or magazine especially if its design related.