Things, the Magazine

In 1934 Cose (Things), the Italian lifestyle magazine, published stories about things. It was a strange journal if only for its curious moderne layout. The cover (below) is lime green with an almost unreadable logo dropped out, with almost equally faint cover lines. This issue was about lotteries in Italy and its colonies, but it also included stories on stationery boxes, goings on in Paris, and the inside of a movie theater’s sound pit. For three Lire, it was a bargain.

5 thoughts on “Things, the Magazine

  1. Susan Milord

    Saluti da Roma! It’s nice that you’re in città at this festive time of year.

    I initially was writing to offer the correction of the magazine’s title, but James beat me to it. But you might enjoy putting the mag in context with a 10-minute soundless film of Roma in the 1930’s that I recently stumbled across:

    Susan Milord