This & That

Ah, the naming process. Who hasn’t been in a crowded conference room enduring a heated debate between the “cool, offbeat name” and the “one small step away from where we’re at” name? It got me thinking about the word and, the ampersand, or the plus sign. Dress it up however you like, it’s happening everywhere and the pattern has become more and more acute.

These are all blogs/designery sites I frequent:
Birch + Bird
Bird And Banner
Chocolate & Zucchini
Coral & Tusk
Duct Tape & Glitter
Favorite & Found
Felt & Wire
Hi + Low
Hither and Thither
Nectar & Light
Object & Totem
Paper + Cup
Part & Parcel
Pica + Pixel
Rivers & Robots
Simple + Pretty
Snippet & Ink
Style & Pepper
Twig & Thistle
wit + delight

Delicious restaurants/bars to further illustrate the pattern:
A Salt & Battery (o.k., that one’s really clever)
Bourbon & Branch
Brick & Mortar
Butcher & Singer
Chiles & Chocolate
Edi and the Wolf
Fig & Olive
Fox and Hound
Girl and the Goat
Grain & Salt
Hogs & Heifers
Milk & Honey
Salt and Pine
Scales & Shells
The Bull & Whistle
Viktor & Spoils

It wasn’t so long ago that the monosyllabic names were the ones getting all the attention…generic and mysterious sounding words like Office and Drink. Then, they were ousted in favor of an ampersand holding two marginally related nouns together for dear life. I remember when noun and noun configurations represented partnerships, like Dolce & Gabbana or Siegfried & Roy, simple pairings that made sense. Maybe the duo configuration will lose its caché and 2013 will be the year of the trifecta, the triple-play, also known as This & That & That Other Thing.


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