When Paul Rand was art director of the William Weintraub Agency in New York, he did scores of advertising campaigns, most with his distinct drawing or collage styles. Much of this work, though smart and witty, especially when compared to the heavy-handed advertisements in the late 1940s and early 1950s, was neither saved on film or original printed formats. When I was writing Paul Rand (Phaidon) I had only limited access to his Weintraub-era tear sheets, which were not in job-bags, like the work he did after leaving the agency. These ads for Shur-Edge knives and Stafford Fabrics, printed on newsprint, appeared in the New York Times Sunday Magazine. One just has to look at the poor typographic ads on the verso side of these sheets to see how much better Rand’s work was.

The Kaiser car image was a cover for one of their typical sales brochure. Rand also designed revolutionary advertisements that barely showed the new cars – a no-no in the auto sales world. When unfolded, however, this brochure looks like any typical sales sheet, was obviously not done by Rand.

Thanks to Jim Heimann for this treasure of virtually forgotten Rands.

15 thoughts on “Randvertising

  1. Seymour Levy

    Have you put out an app that would list the names of the great influencers whose styles endure and inspire us to create today? An app you could update from time to time.
    Or is there a location that your tributes to stylesetters reside on?

  2. JCfromDC

     I always liked and appreciated this style for something I would have not attempted myself (mainly because of my clients’ tastes) or even thought to do. this style would have been a very hard sell to the type of businesses I have had to deal witho over the years. Too many of them have a too “literal” mindset, wtih a too little budget.

  3. Clive Cochran

    Thanks for another great find.
    These ads could hold their own today, despite references to rolling pins and “knocking him for a loop”, (my favorite). Will show to my GD class today. Now, where can I get one of those robes?