Veer Shifts Sights

Eloquent (Jukebox) and Ford Wide (Filmotype)

I’ve ogled the Veer font library for quite some time now. And I am currently in mourning over what appears to be the end of the company’s active type-collecting days, as Veer restructures to increase emphasis on user-generated imagery (“micro-stock”).

The many tasty typefaces former “Head of Type” Joe Newton curated over the last three years will remain intact; but the collection will be frozen in time—at least for now—with no new additions on the [near] horizon.

“New typefaces would come across my desk almost daily,” Joe recalls. “What a wonderful thing to have the opportunity to play with them all! I think we are in a golden age of type design—such variety—everything from “spaghetti western film poster” to serious and meticulous revivals. From craft project to fine craftsmanship.”

Alejandro Paul‘s fonts are among my favorites,” Joe continues. “They’re beautifully designed, endlessly intricate, and ornate. Ale Paul has really helped redefine what a script font can be.”

Users occasionally contacted Joe to see how they could make their type look as customized as Ale Paul’s elaborate specimens—and he’d delicately counsel them to perhaps try software other than Word.

“I love all the refinement of the high-end typefaces, but I also have a real soft spot for vernacular lettering,” says Joe. “Dharma Type is a good example—their fonts have a wonderful sense of playfulness. They embrace the idiosyncrasies of their sources, and I’m drawn to them because they play to my own graphic, cartoony side.”

HT Gelateria with Killernuts (Dharma Type) and Crescendo (Canada Type)

While I realize there are still lots of good places to poke around when I’m in need of a type fix, the taste level at Veer always seemed high (or at least in keeping with my own, which is probably debatable, now that I think about it). And Veer sent out those great little promo mailers.

I think I’ll miss Joe’s often tongue-in-cheek font specimens as much as the Veer merchandise, which now also lives in the past tense. I regret that I never ordered the KERN jacket that sat in my shopping cart for so long, though I did buy pillows, jewelry, and a few t-shirts for my former coworkers at SpotCo over the years (on my personal account, not the company one—if you’re reading this, gift recipients!).

When you search the Veer site for merch these days, you’ll come to a page that says, “The store is closed.” *Sniff*

P22 Slogan (IHOF) and Dharma Gothic, Dharma Slab, Rama Gothic, Rama Slab (Dharma Type)

Idler (Manfred Gensicke, Dirk Heider) and Zierfische (Mark Butchko)

Satura Pro (Fountain) and Replay (MacRhino)

Brilliant (FaceType) and Ambroise (Porchez Typofonderie)

Graham Cracker (Jukebox) and Horst (PintassilgoPrints)


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25 thoughts on “Veer Shifts Sights

  1. kathi wheeler

    Luckily I do own a Kern sweatshirt, but was just thinking I had just about worn it out and wanted to buy another one. I miss the old Veer too. I have tshirts, jewelry, pins, books, sweatshirts, pillows and more. What I never ended up getting was the lettering scarff. They had sold out. So if something is selling out, why would you just dump it.
    Sad to see Veer lose what I thought made them a unique company…merchandise, great font stuff, great images that you wouldn’t/couldn’t find elsewhere.

  2. Stephen Rapp

    Joe did such an amazing job with all the type posters and promotions. I always looked forward to seeing what he would come up with for my own fonts. Its a shame that Corbis pulled away like that, but with such talent I’m sure he will be very successful in his next venture.

  3. Jessica Snow

    I did buy the Kern jacket and love it! Veer has been a fun source of inspiration to me over the years. I sourced fonts and images from them, and looked forward to their font mailers, which I have held on to! Thanks for all the good years!

  4. Sanja & the team

    Great typography! Their lost ! You know how we love your work and we also appreciate your help, honesty…rare to find this days. We are sure that nothing but good is awaiting you. yumskins

  5. karen and violet

    cheers to joe, a consummate designer, typographer and gentleman.  a huge loss for veer.
    but…as the saying goes:: as one door closes, another always awaits.  on to the next adventure!
    3 cheers to you and all the very best!

  6. Silvia Lindner

    LOVE your work, Joe. Hate to see how talented individuals are being forced to keep their visions, creativity and inspiration back from a still hungry audience which therefore is deeply co-effected as WE are damned to miss the art now! What happened to you is only another idiot consequence of the world wide economy crisis which searches for victims on the wrong floor of the building. Please, keep on designing the world in gleaming shapes and don’t let the blind helplessness of economy’s boss-slaves stop you. Kind regards from Berlin/Germany

  7. Suji Allen

    Well damn. That is incredibly sad to hear… Joe was an inspiration before I even knew his name — or his contributions to Veer. Better adventures await!

  8. Von Glitschka

    “Say it isn’t so Joe!” Seriously though, Joe you’re a talented designer and illustrator and even though you’ll be missed in this capacity, new creative horizons await you. So wave goodbye to the corporate suits and their love of spread sheets, bean counting, and safe predictable widgets and embrace this new opportunity. You’ll do just fine and look back on the veer days as a mere stepping stone.

  9. Paul Shaw

    Veer had a gem in Joe and now it seems as if they have thrown the jewelry down the drain. Too bad. With his promotions for individual fonts he gave Veer credibility in the design world and introduced many to fonts they might never have known about. Good luck, Joe.

  10. Kathleen

    This is such a shame — Veer’s type collection introduced me to some great fonts, and I still have several years’ worth of the mailouts collected (plus two shirts, cushions, pins and a messenger bag.) I wasn’t totally aware that one individual was responsible for so much of what I thought was awesome about this collection and its specimens — thanks, Joe! 

  11. Grant Hutchinson

    It is a shame, but I’m not surprised to see it happen. One of the reasons I left Veer nearly three years ago was because there was a definite shift in the wind. (Reflecting on that, it may have been the breeze whooshing over a nearby cliff …)

    One of the best things to come out of this whole debacle is that Corbis has set a lot of extremely talented people free — free to do even more amazing and creative things. That includes people like Mr Newton.

    Godspeed, people of Veer!

  12. Rita

    Yeah, what monihan said. VEERed off the cliff, indeed. This was a nicely done article, and I applaud the writer AND Joe Newton. I am constantly amazed at the “worlds within worlds” and this article, especially Joe’s quotes, opened up this little world to me. Best of luck on new endeavours to Joe. Talent will out.

  13. Ricardo Cordoba

    This is really sad… First the Veer Merch Store, now their Type department. Corbis is ruining killing everything that was great about Veer, everything that made it stand apart. My condolences to Joe Newton, and let’s not forget Veer’s founders, too — among them Grant Hutchinson and Jon Parker.

  14. James Puckett

    Two things provided most of the inspiration to be a type designer. One was Gary Hustwit’s film Helvetica, funded in part by Veer. The other was the constant stream of Veer mailers, arriving almost monthly in my mailbox. It’s sad to see Veer’s font business go. Bill Gates can kiss my ass.