War in Vogue

In honor of the 4th of July, The Daily Heller looks into the archive for something stars and stripes.

Well made clothes for all seasons are a must, especially during wartime. But how to promote and sell war fashions in the U.S. during World War II was tricky business. Many manufacturers and suppliers created functional sample catalogs void of flourish. But in “Knit for Defense,” the catalog of Chadwick’s Red Heart Wools, there was a bit more fashion consciousness.

Square Neck Pullover and Cap: A most practical cap for winter wear in any branch of the Service and a sleeveless, square-neck pullover which is the easiest thing to make – and wear too.

They also offered “Marksman’s gloves” and “Trigger Gloves:”

Marvelous for keeping the hands warm and leaving the fingers ready for action.

Knitted War Clothes

Knitted War Clothes

Knitted War Clothes

Knitted War Clothes

One thought on “War in Vogue

  1. Abigail Steinem

    I was at the Cincinnati Union Terminal Museum this weekend and I saw this exact catalog! I read this article weeks ago and thought it was funny and really interesting, but you know, moved on. Then when I was in the History of Cincinnati side of this museum, they have this whole section about the war and there the catalog was. Thanks for this write up! I would never have taken a second look at it, had I not read this Daily Heller!