What A Great Lecture Series . . .

What a great lecture series. Too bad we missed it.

This was the 1937 Art Directors Club series featuring some of the great minds and doers of that era of design and illustration. The themes are similar to ours today: Where do we go from here, collaboration and looking in from the outside. There is even a lecture devoted (in 1937) to the future of television. I am presenting this artifact as a document of the legacy of our field and to show one of the building blocks of our profession.

Read the offerings for yourself on this flier (below), designed by Alexey Brodovitch.

1937 Lecture Series of the Art Director's Club

1937 Lecture Series of the Art Director's Club

1937 Lecture Series of the Art Director's Club

1937 Lecture Series of the Art Director's Club

8 thoughts on “What A Great Lecture Series . . .

  1. Thurmond Goins II

    What a twist on much of the same. These are modern problems. If I could afford I would have went to all the lectures but “HOW ART DIRECTOR, ARTIST AND COPY MAN CAN TORTURE CLIENT” is one of interest. Thanks MR. Heller.

  2. Brian Burch

    Thanks Steven. I love it that you have a copy of a 75-year old brochure by Alexey Brodovitch and share it here. And it’s stunning how little the themes have changed.

  3. Caryn

    Wow! This is really cool. Wish I could have been there. I hope our AIGA chapters take note of this kind of lecture series and strive to be as inclusive.
    I do wonder if they made any reference to where they got the cover image monogram. That is Albrecht Durer’s monogram, I’ve always admired it and thought it was so beautiful. It does work really for this as well, I just hope they gave him credit.

  4. CT

    I think this underlines how we just keep repeating the same mistakes, over and over and over, for nearly a century, regardless of platform… What’s the point of these confabs if we never learn?

  5. Carolyn Crowley

    Thank you so much for this. I am stunned that this could have been a series for today. As someone who has worked with my local AIGA chapter to integrate graphic design with architecture, industrial design, interior design, illustration, media and show how we all are so interconnected (and have to be these days), I am stunned that this was already happening 74 years ago.
    I think it’s time to do another one.